Tanglin Trust School Singapore returns to All Schools in 2022!

Peter Bell recently put a series of questions to Vicky Paterson and her students at Tanglin Trust School, Singapore who will once again be competing at this years Gold Coast Titans All Schools.

How long have you been attending All Schools?
Tanglin has been attending All Schools for 10 years. It has always been the highlight of the Tanglin Touch Calendar.

What aspect of All Schools makes it worthwhile for an International school such as yourselves to attend?
All Schools has always been a great platform and learning experience for the girls, to see Touch played at a different level and to put into perspective the standard that other schools around the world are performing to. The benefit for us attending is to learn, and to be challenged at a different level to what other international schools in SEA can offer.

How excited are the students and what do they look forward to most of all?
Hannah Wiford (Year 13) commented “All the students involved in the All Schools Touch Tournament from Tanglin Trust School are beyond excited for this upcoming competition in October. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to come to Australia and experience the first-class level of touch that is played in this competition. As a team, we most look forward to not only playing but watching the talent across the age groups and being inspired to improve our own game.”

What is your expectation as to the standard of touch at All Schools?
We have always expected the standard of Touch at the All Schools to be very high. This year especially we feel the challenge of being in our first tournament after Covid. The girls have only been playing 6 v 6 since June. We are hoping that even through the challenge of the last two years, that we will still be able to compete within the division.

As a teacher what do you see as the key benefits for this trip for your students?
It is one big learning experience of playing Touch, to traveling abroad, bonding as a team and just having fun in the competition. The knowledge that the students take away from watching all age groups girls, boys and mixed is so valuable to each students Touch development.

Any players we should keep an eye out for?
Ues, Hannah Wilford Y13, Nina Donaldson Y12 and Tamani Khanbarbi Y11 all live, breath, and love touch!

“Thank you Vicky, it’s great to be able to welcome you and our other International visitors back to the Gold Coast to share in our 40th Anniversary event!”
Peter Bell, Tournament Director