Action continues on day two of Gold Coast Titans All Schools Touch

Schools from across the state, country and world returned to the Gold Coast Performance Centre in Runaway Bay today for the second day of the Gold Coast Titans All Schools Touch event.

With more than 6000 students from 460 teams going head to head across 23 fields, day two continued to provide plenty of touch football action.

Having travelled almost 750km to participate in the event, St Ursula’s Nyah Minto said her 13 Girls team are enjoying being part of the Gold Coast Titans All Schools Touch event.

“It’s a good opportunity for us, we don’t get big competitions like this back home,” Minto said.

“This was our first day playing today and we’re really enjoying it. I’ve been to the Gold Coast before but never for touch so it’s been really fun so far.

“It’s pretty amazing that so many teams can come and play in this tournament. I love touch football because it’s a team sport and I love my team,” she said.

Also making the trek from Central Queensland to join the event, Will McLaughlin from Emmaus College in Rockhampton said his team are having a ball so far.

“It’s always fun on the Gold Coast and playing in the All Schools,” McLaughlin said.

“It’s fun for us to play with our mates, and against some different teams that we don’t get to play at home.

“We came down last year for All Schools, so it’s good to come back again. The goal is for us to be in the finals, and try to win it,” he said.

Molly Hutchison from Lourdes Hill College 15 Girls said she was pleasantly surprised with the way her team has started the competition.

“Everyone has been playing really well, a few mistakes here and there but that always happens in a game.

“Everyone’s goal in coming here is to get to finals, but we really didn’t think we would, but if we do that would be great.

“We’ve loved playing against all the different teams, everyone in our pool is giving us a good challenge so that’s always good,” she said.

Repping the red and black of Kirwan State High School in Townsville, Eru Gunn-James has been pretty impressed with his team, the 13 Boys, and their performances so far.

“It was pretty slippery out there this morning, but it was good to play. We’ve won all of our games so far,” Gunn-James said.

“It’s good to play all the teams from across Queensland. We’re looking forward to playing Cleveland, they are really close to us on the ladder so that will be hard,” he said.

Miami State High School’s 13 Girls captain Gracie Porter said she’s loved welcoming teams from all over to her home on the Gold Coast.

“It’s been really good so far – this team of girls have all come together and played well together and we’ve just been having so much fun

“Some of the teams we’ve played so far have been really hard, which is a good challenge, but we love having them all here on the Gold Coast.

“We’ve all been working really hard and pushing each other so it’s been a really great competition so far,” she said.

Lawson Llewellyn from Chinchilla State High said the Gold Coast Titans All Schools is a great learning opportunity for his 15 Boys team.

“It’s pretty good – it’s a tough competition but the team is going well so far. Our defence has been a lot better today, and we’ve been having heaps of fun,” Llewellyn said.

“It’s fun to play against different teams and see their talent. You learn from the other teams too and can put that into our game as well,” he said.

Also in the Chinchilla 15 Boys team, Llewellyn’s younger brother Carter, who said it’s a great chance for him to play with some of the older boys from his school.

“It’s a fast game, you get to meet new people and work with cool coaches,” Carter said.

“It’s fun to play with your older brother. You play in the backyard and then can put it out on the field,” he said.

Thank you to all the players, coaches, officials, supporters and spectators for a great second day of competition.

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