Accredited Referees (any badge level) are encouraged to participate at QLD All Schools.


Referees are required to sign in at the Referee’s Room no later than 30 mins prior to the first game of the day.

Please make yourself familiar with the notice board located in the referee’s room at the tournament, as it provides updates regarding the event.


All referees officiating at the QAS event will require the official QAS referee uniform.

Uniforms can be purchased from Inferno prior to and during the event – view the uniform details here.

Referee Shirt $35.00


All games will be 25 minutes in duration with NO HALF TIME BREAK, including all finals.


There are no games appointed to the first day of competition. Referees will be allocated their games for each day once they have arrived at the referee’s room and have signed in.

Referees will be appointed games following the sign in process. On arrival to the referee’s area, each referee will be allocated their games for the day and provided with a sticker outlining the games allocated to you. Please be patient in the mornings, as this is a busy time allocating referees for the entire day. There are almost 1,500 games to be officiated, you won’t miss out!

Where possible games will be allocated as duals. Triples will be allocated where possible during the Final Series. Referees must officiate the games they have been appointed. Referees will not be paid for officiating matches in which they were not appointed to.


Referees will be paid for officiating at this tournament. The match payments are as follows:
Single: $15.00
Dual & Triple: $10.00

Referees can ONLY collect their match payments in cash at the tournament itself (no bank details are required). NO PAYMENTS WILL BE MADE AFTER THE FINAL DAY OF THE EVENT (Sunday 3pm). It is the referee’s sole responsibility to ensure they have collected all match payments before Sunday 4pm otherwise they will be forfeited.

Referees can collect their cash match payments after 4:00pm each day. Referees can elect to collect their payments each day or at the end of the tournament.

Referees must inform the referee coordinators of referee no-shows immediately after the game in order to receive the single referee payment and not the dual referee payment.


The person awarding the touchdown marks the scorecard.
All score cards must be returned immediately after officiating a game.


The Touch Football Australia Playing Rules (8th Edition) will be in play at this tournament. The current TFA and Schools Sports Code of Conduct must also be adhered to for the duration of the tournament.

8th Edition Rule Book.

If you have any further questions regarding refereeing at the tournament, please contact