Team Registrations Have Closed for 2024

Team Registrations have closed. You may still register as per below, however with record entries and over 500 teams late registrations will be placed on the reserve list. Should a school withdraw, reserve schools will be invited to take their place. The order for invitations will be based on the registration date and the relevant team that has withdrawn.

Entry to the Qld All Schools Championships requires submission of one of the official entry forms either Form A or Form B, by the due date. The Entry Process shall follow a procedure in order to address the enormous popularity of the QAS event. Unfortunately, there is simply not enough room for everyone and therefore entry is restricted.

Form A is for Priority Entry schools only (i.e. schools who participated in 2023), and or, for Interstate or International schools.

Form B is for all other schools. Remaining available places will be offered as per the criteria outlined on Form A and Form B. The Criteria Entry recognises that some schools are more deserving than others in the competition for available places and will be offered entry should they satisfy as many of the Key Selection Criteria (KSC) as possible. 

The more points earned – the stronger the case for inclusion. Also, it should be noted that any school who is not offered a place will automatically be included in the reserve list with rank order determined by points gained.

Standard Entry is $795.00 per team (inclusive of GST) provided a minimum of one student referee is supplied for the Nomination to be accepted. Schools must also satisfy the referee quota of providing one referee per team nominated up to a maximum requirement of 4 referees. If one or more referees (other than the mandatory one) cannot be supplied, a surcharge of $250 per referee required will apply. Note – also that referees must officiate in both Junior and Senior divisions if the school nominates teams in both divisions).

The Event levy also includes basic accident insurance cover for all students and the official Inferno match ball. Interstate or International Teams note – There is no referee requirement and Insurance cover is not included for non-Australian schools.

Please download and submit the appropriate entry form below. Schools should ensure they read and accept the Conditions of Entry before entering the event. Any queries please contact the Tournament Director at


22 January 2024
5 February 2024
9 March 2024
29 March 2024
1 July 2024

Any queries please contact the Tournament Director at